Flying Fish @ Skeena Landing

Owner Glen Saunders is at it again. He purchased a 21 acre property and has been busy the past three years renovating the buildings. The 10 room Desiderata Inn, renamed the Lodge at Skeena Landing  and  the 45 seat Blackstone’s are open and ready to wow you. His plan is to turn the 20,000 square foot warehouse building into multiple retail spaces and second floor office units.

The first to take Skeena Landing as its home is Flying Fish at Skeena Landing. Fashioned after Flying Fish in Nanaimo, the 6000 sq ft Flying Fish at Skeena Landing opened Nov 2011  to bring cooking, living and giving north. When you drop in to explore you will find a complete kitchen shopping experience including a 25 ft kitchen gadget wall. As well , 4000 sq ft will highlight furniture and home decor items. Not to be outdone is the world gourmet food section and the jewelry counter.


Skeena Landing is located just past the junction of Hwy’s 37 and 16, in the Thornhill district, east of Terrace.  A perfect life experience in the making.

To contact Flying Fish @ Skeena Landing:

4065 Motz Rd,

Terrace, BC

V8G 3N1



By phone...250-638-1808

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